Watch periodontal disease!

Watch periodontal disease!

Have you ever heard that chronic periodontal disease may lead to erectile dysfunction? That is not a fluent phrase – this is a result of the research. During six years the nine studies were carried out, which prove that there is a link between oral health and erectile dysfunction and it does not matter how old a patient is. There is a high chance that having periodontal disease a man will have problems with his erection.

What is periodontal disease?

When your gums bleed when they are brushed, this is an early sign of the disease caused by the bacteria. When gums are infected, they also swell and a patient feels pain and discomfort. If he does nothing about it, the bacteria will spread inside and can destroy the roots supporting the teeth as a result a patient starts losing his teeth. The infection surrounds a tooth and damages the gum involving all the tissues little by little. The organism using the immune system reacts with inflammation resulting in destruction of gums in such a way warning of the infection.

What can be a reason for this disease? The physicians regard bacterial plaque as one of the main reasons, that is why it is important to brush teeth in a proper way. Besides, there is genetic susceptibility to periodontal disease but even in this case it can be prevented with good oral care. You’d better refuse smoking increasing risk. And as it is hardly to believe but the stress is among the reasons, as far as it weakens the immune system that cannot resist the infection. Medications and poor nutrition impact almost in the same way. And at last some diseases can provoke this bacterium and vice versa it can cause some deviations including erectile dysfunction.

How PD might contribute to ED?

So how can periodontal disease contribute to ED? As the researchers believe the increased production of reactive oxygen species in tissues leads to reduction of the nitric oxide in organism and promote endothelial dysfunction. And if a man suffers systemic inflammation caused by the above bacteria, he faces the problem with reduced nitric oxide synthase activity in penile tissue. The studies suggest that treating paradontosis a patient improves his state with ED. Though, this is not a proved supposition but supposition requiring more controlled researches.

Still why not to follow the above piece of advice and control your teeth health mitigating the risk of impotence. So if you have bad breath lasting for a long time, feel pain when chewing, have sensitive teeth and red gums, you should immediately get consultation of a dentist and start treatment.

When this notwithstanding the problem with erection happens, go to a doctor and find out the reason of it, try to refuse of all the reasons causing the impotence. During the recovery period you should not refuse the healthy sex administering the pills. You can buy viagra online at without any difficulties and delays or turn to an oral therapy with penegra being very effective. It is rapidly absorbed. Do not forget that you can have erection when you are sexually excited only and not only because you take a pill. Just like with any other drugs this medication has its own side effects but they are mild and do not last for a long time. There are a lot of other alternatives to the mentioned tabs, which provide a steady and lasting erection.

Top 5 major mistakes we make when brushing our teeth

Despite toothpastes abundance and all kinds of oral care products, statistics of dental hygienists are relentless: only 1 person out of 10 complies with oral hygiene culture. But, home care for your teeth reduces caries risk by 80%.

Therefore, we offer to finally take step towards bright future smiles, armed with expert advice. But, before you start working on bugs, you need to understand, what we did wrong.

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Probiotics for Treatment of Prostatitis – How Effective are they?

Probiotics – it’s drugs, which include colonies of beneficial bacteria necessary for an organism for proper digestion of food and synthesis of certain vitamins. Probiotics, or good bacteria are necessary for those who take antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial prostatitis, they are also useful for the prevention of prostate inflammation.

Probiotics for Treatment of Prostatitis – How Effective are they?

Probiotics in Prostate Inflammation

Prostatitis – is a painful condition of the body, which prevents healthy urination and ejaculation. Usually everything happens due to infection in the prostate gland. But a lot of men do not know the cause of prostatitis. If your doctor has prescribed a probiotic acidophilus, it will help reduce the risk of prostate and relieve the symptoms when the disease has already appeared.

The review article, written by Mark McClure and published in the “World Journal of Urology”, in the field of urology and Complementary Medicine, says that acidophilic lactobacilli reduce the risk of prostate and treat it.

Such bacteria compete with pathogenic bacteria, which may lead to infection of the prostate gland. In this article, McClure says that acidophilic lactobacilli form a large amount of antibacterial compounds, which act as a natural antibiotic. Lactobacilli strengthen the immune system, which helps the body to fight harmful bacteria, leading to prostatitis.

Dietary sources are acidophilus yogurt and fermented baked milk. It is necessary to consult with your doctor before taking acidophilus probiotic supplements. In general, they are safe, but some people may appear hyper-reactivity of the immune system and digestive problems.

In advanced cases of these substrates there is protein stones formed, which later grows salts:

  • Stress;
  • Sexual arousal does not lead to a full sexual intercourse;
  • Interrupted and tightened sexual acts;
  • Vascular pathology;
  • Pathology of blood;
  • Various hormonal disorders.

Incoming gates for infection is, in most cases, the urethra. The prostate gland is anatomically and functionally connected with the surrounding organs of the urogenital system, so in the inflammatory process in varying degrees, involved the urethra, the testes, epididymis, bladder neck, as well as nearby organs.

Next Generation of Probiotics

The second generation of probiotics consists of yeasts and bacillary spores. The next generation is represented by probiotics, which include several strains of useful bacteria, and finally, generation 4 – a live bacteria flora that is immobilized on the sorbent. It is also possible to use the drug for prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis amid received antibacterial or chemotherapeutic agents. There is a viral form of prostatitis. It is poorly understood, and there are no effective drugs to treat it. The causative agent of this type of pathology – is the herpes virus.

Physiotherapy helps to improve blood flow to the prostate gland, which facilitates the delivery of drugs. To increase the effectiveness of the above methods is the right choice of the application. Physiotherapy treatments are transurethral, projection and transrectal access. Sport activities must be included in the complex treatment.

Even a 15-minute daily charge helps to improve blood circulation in the body. It is recommended to do squat, legs swings, running.

An important method of treatment is a massage of the prostate gland. But it is necessary for hat category of patients who has irregular sexual life. Complete sexual act replaces prostate massage procedure. After course of treatment men’s health will return to normal, and you’ll feel better.

The Most Effective Pills for Impotence Treatment

best erection pills for menModern medications help to cure erectile dysfunction in a matter of several days. The best pills provide fast treatment and great improvement in sexual life.

Impotence… This problem worries a lot of men after 40, being almost inevitable after 70. Due to various reasons a man can become unable to control erection and keep it stable for sexual activity. Causes are different, but there is a versatile solution for this issue. There are pills that increase blood flow to penile tissues which promotes stronger and longer erections. As the result, a user can get easier erection and keep it better.

The best erection pills for men can do wonders, enabling them to stay active and keep up hard on for several hours in a row. What the most effective ones are?

Viagra – The Most Popular Remedy

Almost all people on Earth know this name. Indeed, Viagra is the most widespread medication for men in the world. These tablets contain sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient and start giving results in 30 minutes. A pill helps to keep erection for up to 4 hours. Although Viagra is the most popular, it is not the safest product. Some men are allergic to slidenafil and can experience serious side effects such as nausea, dizziness, pains, sudden loss of vision or ringing in ears.

Cialis: Erection Pills That Work

This product is widely used by men and recommended by doctors. It can be used to treat both impotence and enlarged prostate. It works in two ways:

  1. Boosts male virility and enhances sexual potential. Increasing blood flow to penile vessels, it contributes to stronger erections during 6 hours.
  2. This oral treatment reduces the symptoms of enlarged prostate: frequent or urging need to urinate, weak flow, pains and difficulty of urinating.

Tadalafil contained in the pills relaxes prostate and bladder muscles, promoting relief and gradual curing of inflammations. Tablets can be used daily or occasionally (30 minutes before sexual activity) to improve erection and boost sexual desire, or combined with other medications to treat prostatitis. The effect on sexual activity may last up to 36 hours.

Despite being suitable for the vast majority of men, Cialis 10mg may cause some side effects such as dizziness, stomach upset, headache, muscle pain and others. More information about how to avoid them can be found there:

Other Common Drugs

Among the best erection pills for men are:

  • Stendra acts quicker, enabling to get firm erection in 15 minutes.
  • Levitra starts working in 60 minutes after intake and “lasts” for about 4 hours.
  • Staxyn is another oral medicine that gives almost immediate results.

All these products have similar contents and give similar results. So if one is not suitable for a man, others may also appear to be of no use. But the effects from each medication are personal, so they should be tried and tested.

Contra Indications

Although erection pills that work give effective outcomes and improve sexual experience considerably, they are not suitable for some men due to health issues. For instance, people with high blood pressure are not recommended to take erection tablets, because they can raise pressure in penile vessels to dangerous level. Men with diabetes are not allowed to take such pills, too. Men scheduled for surgery, taking nitroglycerin, using dietary supplements, or allergic to other ED drugs are also not recommended to take erection pills.

Anyway, tablets for erectile dysfunction treatment are the safest and most reliable way to solve this delicate problem. In most cases, they help to restore normal sexual activity without tortures.