12 Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Beautiful smile will never go out of style. What you need to smile beautifully? Sincerity, joy and – preferably – healthy teeth! How to care for them?
We will talk about 12 ways to help keep your teeth healthy and snow-white.

Rule 1

The general rule: after each meal or snack you need to rinse your mouth with plain water. This “exercise” isn`t difficult, but as dentists say, it will help to keep your teeth even in old age. It`s also necessary to brush your teeth in morning after meal and in evening after meal (for the night). Direction of brush movement should be vertical, rather than horizontal, when cleaning front and rear teeth. Be sure to clean and chewing surface. It`s highly recommended to clean interdental spaces with dental floss and tooth brushes. But how to choose hard brush, it`s better to ask your dentist.

Rule 2

In the morning, before eating, while washing you need to clean your tongue. This procedure was performed by our ancient ancestors, but for some reason modern people have forgotten about it. Bacteria and toxins that accumulate overnight in tongue enter bloodstream, weaken immune system, and return as diseases, such as caries.

Rule 3

If in morning you drank glass of citrus juice, you need to rinse your mouth, but not brush your teeth right away – this can “drive” acid into enamel, which then begins to break down. After rinsing, wait 10 minutes, and then proceed to cleaning.

Rule 4

In general, it`s better to drink fruit juices through a straw, and if you have eaten fruit, especially sour, immediately rinse your mouth with clean water at room temperature (with soda added). So, we neutralize acid, which actively eats away enamel. Pineapples, citrus fruits and apples are especially dangerous in this respect. But drinking through a straw can lead to another trouble (especially true for women 35+):

Wrinkles form on the upper lip, which will be difficult to get rid of later. So watch out for facial expressions!

Rule 5

Don`t get involved in chocolate and other sweets. Foods that contain a lot of sugar gradually erode tooth enamel. This makes teeth too sensitive to hot and cold food, and also leads to tooth decay. In addition, chocolate products darken teeth.

Rule 6

Add cream or milk to tea and coffee. Black tea covers teeth with a kind of dark bloom, washes away calcium (this is dangerous not only for teeth, but also for entire skeleton). Green tea in large quantities also harm teeth – destroys enamel. The same effect has coffee.

Rule 7

All doctors – not only dentists – recommend eliminating “soda” from diet, especially coke, because it destroys bone tissue. In addition, this drink can lead to obesity, diabetes and allergies.

Rule 8

Chewing gum? Opinions of dentists diverge here. On one hand, bubble-gum cleans teeth from plaque after eating. It`s convenient on the road, at work, where there is no opportunity to quickly rinse your mouth. But on the other hand, it “pulls out” fillings. And not every “chewing gum” is useful in chemical composition. So if you chew, then not for long. And it`s better to have with you “road” set with mini-paste and brush or bottle of rinse.

Rule 9

Smoking, husking seeds and cracking nuts is guarantee of toothless old age and modern dental prosthetics! Do you want this?

Rule 10

A little trick for beautiful ladies: scarlet lipstick visually makes your teeth more yellow, but a brown shade of lipstick – “whitens”.

Rule 11

Some doctors still consider natural tooth powder to be best tooth cleaner. And recently appeared on sale and toothbrushes from bio-materials. By the way, there is already natural “chewing gum”, excellent substitute for “chewing gum” – carnation. Enough to chew “carnations” to free mouth from bacteria.

Rule 12

And, of course, a visit to dentist once a year/six months is right way to prevent oral health and beauty of smile.