Is prostatitis dangerous?

Prostatitis is most common disease of genitourinary system in men. It`s wrong to consider this disease exclusively age.

Risk of developing prostatitis is at any age. Inflammation of prostate gland gives man not only physiological discomfort, but also causes disorder of psycho-emotional state.

Briefly about causes of prostatitis

Main factors affecting development of prostatitis are:

  • Violation of thermal conditions.
  • Systematic hypothermia of whole body or genitals.
  • Sharp change in body temperature during bath procedures.
  • Lack of rational physical activity.
  • Hypodynamic lifestyle and low athletic activity.
  • Unhealthy food.
  • Predominance of fatty foods, lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals, alcohol abuse.
  • Unstable sex life.
  • Sexually transmitted infections, especially in chronic form.
  • Non-compliance with regime of work and rest.
  • Overwork and lack of proper sleep.
  • Chronic diseases of urinary system.

Threat and danger of complications

Neglecting symptoms of prostatitis, lack of timely treatment, significantly complicate eradication of disease and increase the development of pathologies.

What is the danger of chronic form?

Insidiousness of chronic form of prostatitis lies in changeable symptomatic course of disease. Periods of relapse, characterized by acute manifestations: pain, secretion of prostate secretion, impaired potency, urinary disorder. This state is replaced by remission, during which patient may not experience unpleasant sensations, except for frequent urge to empty the bladder. Disease is virtually asymptomatic, but continues to progress, manifesting itself in next period of exacerbation.

Accepting remission for deliverance from disease, man inadvertently stops treatment, which can`t be done in any way.

Consequences of acute prostate disease

Most severe complication of acute prostatitis is accumulation of pus in tissues of prostate (abscess of prostate gland). Treatment of this pathology is only operation for opening suppuration and forcing urethra (dilation of urethra). In this case, patient has very serious condition:

  • Temperature increase up to 40 degrees.
  • Severe cutting pains in perineum and genitals.
  • Chills.
  • Swelling of prostate.

The most common complication is chronic stage of disease.

Who are in risk zone?

The most susceptible to prostate gland are men who:

  • Lead sedentary lifestyle and try to avoid sports activities.
  • Those, who suffer from chronic constipation.
  • Lovers of casual intimate relationships (especially unprotected sex with new partner).
  • Abstain for a long time from sexual relations (no matter for what reasons).

Prostatitis warning

To avoid disease, man must comply with measures to prevent inflammation of prostate gland – proper nutrition, regular sex, good rest, rational systematic athletic load, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, avoiding hypothermia, annual prophylactic examinations of urologist, regular intake of vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements for men.

Like any other disease, prostatitis is easier to prevent than to cure.