Probiotics for Treatment of Prostatitis – How Effective are they?

Probiotics – it’s drugs, which include colonies of beneficial bacteria necessary for an organism for proper digestion of food and synthesis of certain vitamins. Probiotics, or good bacteria are necessary for those who take antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial prostatitis, they are also useful for the prevention of prostate inflammation.

Probiotics for Treatment of Prostatitis – How Effective are they?

Probiotics in Prostate Inflammation

Prostatitis – is a painful condition of the body, which prevents healthy urination and ejaculation. Usually everything happens due to infection in the prostate gland. But a lot of men do not know the cause of prostatitis. If your doctor has prescribed a probiotic acidophilus, it will help reduce the risk of prostate and relieve the symptoms when the disease has already appeared.

The review article, written by Mark McClure and published in the “World Journal of Urology”, in the field of urology and Complementary Medicine, says that acidophilic lactobacilli reduce the risk of prostate and treat it.

Such bacteria compete with pathogenic bacteria, which may lead to infection of the prostate gland. In this article, McClure says that acidophilic lactobacilli form a large amount of antibacterial compounds, which act as a natural antibiotic. Lactobacilli strengthen the immune system, which helps the body to fight harmful bacteria, leading to prostatitis.

Dietary sources are acidophilus yogurt and fermented baked milk. It is necessary to consult with your doctor before taking acidophilus probiotic supplements. In general, they are safe, but some people may appear hyper-reactivity of the immune system and digestive problems.

In advanced cases of these substrates there is protein stones formed, which later grows salts:

  • Stress;
  • Sexual arousal does not lead to a full sexual intercourse;
  • Interrupted and tightened sexual acts;
  • Vascular pathology;
  • Pathology of blood;
  • Various hormonal disorders.

Incoming gates for infection is, in most cases, the urethra. The prostate gland is anatomically and functionally connected with the surrounding organs of the urogenital system, so in the inflammatory process in varying degrees, involved the urethra, the testes, epididymis, bladder neck, as well as nearby organs.

Next Generation of Probiotics

The second generation of probiotics consists of yeasts and bacillary spores. The next generation is represented by probiotics, which include several strains of useful bacteria, and finally, generation 4 – a live bacteria flora that is immobilized on the sorbent. It is also possible to use the drug for prevention and treatment of dysbacteriosis amid received antibacterial or chemotherapeutic agents. There is a viral form of prostatitis. It is poorly understood, and there are no effective drugs to treat it. The causative agent of this type of pathology – is the herpes virus.

Physiotherapy helps to improve blood flow to the prostate gland, which facilitates the delivery of drugs. To increase the effectiveness of the above methods is the right choice of the application. Physiotherapy treatments are transurethral, projection and transrectal access. Sport activities must be included in the complex treatment.

Even a 15-minute daily charge helps to improve blood circulation in the body. It is recommended to do squat, legs swings, running.

An important method of treatment is a massage of the prostate gland. But it is necessary for hat category of patients who has irregular sexual life. Complete sexual act replaces prostate massage procedure. After course of treatment men’s health will return to normal, and you’ll feel better.